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RU5CE-SO Soprano Cutaway Electro Acoustic Ukulele ORTEGA

RU5CE-SO Soprano Cutaway Electro Acoustic Ukulele ORTEGA

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RU5CE-SO Ukulele combining authentic Ortega craftsmanship, and masterful construction

✓ Spruce and mahogany deliver a unique and well-balanced response 

✓ Optimum tonal brightness, thanks to famed soprano-sized body 

✓ Perform in true style with a laser engraved top and beautiful natural satin finish 

✓ Explore live performance thanks to Ortega's built-in preamp system



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Soprano Cutaway Electric Ukulele ORTEGA RU5CE-SO


An exquisite response. It's cherished by ukulele players everywhere.

The Ortega RU5CE-SO Cutaway electro acoustic ukulele ensures you experience unparalleled tone, feel, and playability in every aspect of its design. Combining authentic Ortega craftsmanship, and masterful construction - the RU5CE-SO electric ukulele was born to spark creativity.

Take to the stage in style with built-in MagusUkeGo electronics, voiced specially for this beautiful Ortega Soprano Ukulele.

And, home to a spruce top, the RU5CE-SO possesses a distinctively earthy resonance that'll stand out from the rest. An unbelievably smooth playing experience is provided by a satin-finished mahogany neck. So whether you're an inexperienced player, or a ukulele expert, you can count on Ortega's superb craftsmanship to deliver captivating playability in every environment.


First-rate resonance

A graceful voice. Oozing with rich, authentic character.

The Ortega Soprano Ukulele specialises in delivering a well-rounded blend of both precise tone, and exquisite resonance. Constructed with a quality, spruce top, you can produce a sound that vibrates freely around the entirety of RU5CE’s body. The tonal characteristics of the mahogany sides provide an added dimension of warmth and richness. So you can experience a sensational response from every strum.

Furthermore, a Soprano-sized shape delivers an exceptional performance for every musical situation. If you crave the classic twinkle of a ukulele sound, there’s no better than the Soprano. Its smaller size allows for a much brighter, softer tone that simply sparkles with every note. Crafted for clarity, the RU5CE Soprano Ukulele holds elegance in every aspect of its design.


Endless playability

Ukulele sculpted for sleekness.

The Ortega Soprano Ukulele is designed for effortless performance, with a warm, homely feel in mind. A satin-finished, mahogany neck fits snug in your hand, so you can immerse yourself into a playing experience of supreme comfort.

Be it frequent stage-use, or dedicated practising - you can count on the RU5CE Soprano ukulele to provide near-addictive playability. You’ll never want to put it down…


Make it louder

Natural live capabilities. If you've got a little acoustic ukulele amp, then you're good to go.

As this Ortega RU5CE Ukulele comes equipped with quality Magusuke electronics. A system that picks up your uke's natural tone, and delivers it faithfully. Whether you're part of a band, simply want to amplify your creativity, or bring louder volume to match your passionate vocals.

Ortega puts no limits on your performance with this Soprano Ukulele and its responsive preamp system. Explore, discover, create.


Ukulele Tailored for excellence

ukulele instrument crafted to excel. Ortega continue to show complete devotion to the design and creation of their instruments.

Taking traditional construction to new levels, Ortega instruments are tailored to the requirements of their customers. So, you can trust that every one of their models will provide the sound, feel, and style that you’re looking for. By listening to their customers, Ortega have sparked the creativity of musicians across the globe. And continue to do so with the RU5CE Soprano Ukulele.

An instrument made for you...


Ortega Electro Ukulele Specifications:

Body & Bridge

  • Top Wood: Spruce
  • Back and Side Wood: Mahogan
  • Bridge: Sonokeling Rosewood
  • Bridge Style: Ortega Uke Bridge
  • Body Size: Soprano, Cutaway
  • Scale Length: 350mm
  • Finish: Satin

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Wood: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Sonokeling Rosewood
  • Number of Frets: 15
  • Nut Width: 36mm
  • Neck Finish: Satin

Electronics & Hardware

  • Electronics: Ortega MagusUke Preamp System
  • Controls: Tone, Volume, Tuner
  • Pickup: Undersaddle Piezo
  • Tuners: Chrome Plated
  • Binding: Tortoiseshell ABS
  • Decorative: Laser Engraved Body Decal
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