Soprano KU-10BR Ukulele KODA

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This Koda soprano ukulele is great for learning and teaching music fundamentals.

✓ Traditional 21" wooden soprano ukulele

✓ Great for beginners and intermediate players

✓ Linden top, back & sides

✓ Aquila nylon strings

✓ Comes with bag



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Koda KU-10BR Soprano Ukulele with Bag


This Koda soprano ukulele is great for learning and teaching music fundamentals. Carefully crafted for a balanced tone. Transform your sound with the Koda KU-10BR ukulele. Discover premium articulation and resonance, with a high quality linden top. Play effortlessly thanks to aquila strings and a smooth, agile neck. With a lightweight design, you get a versatile instrument built for practice and performance. This Koda Ukulele is a quality additional instrument, for progressing students and experienced guitarists.

Start your ukulele playing career with the Koda KU-10BR.

Please Note: Stand Not Included


Enduring Quality for Aspiring Beginners

It may be small, but the ukulele is a serious instrument in its own right. Originally from Hawaii, it gained popularity throughout the United States during the early 20th century, then eventually internationally.

The KU-10BR ukulele continues this tradition. Its high-quality linden laminate body improves the sound's projection, adding richness and providing a robust construction. The neck has been crafted from quality wood – which helps your intonation and makes it easier to perform quick, fleeting finger runs. Additionally, the low-maintenance tuning pegs have open gears to provide stable tuning, so you can trust it to play musically whenever you pick it up.

An instrument to inspire beginners of all ages. The Koda Ukulele is fun, portable and easy to play. With a quality build to stand the test of time, it will hold your interest throughout hours of play and practice.


Reliably Built

Maintain excellent, stable tuning. The white plastic open gear tuning pegs are strong and durable, retaining your tuning for longer. The Koda KU-10BR Ukulele also comes with Aquilla strings, which provide a great tone and hold their tuning well. They have a smooth feel to them, making them very comfortable to play.

The instrument's high quality woods are produced from sustainable materials and require little maintenance. All this ensures your ukulele is reliable and trustworthy to play. It's easy to transport and durable, with a quality build to stand the test of time.


Soprano Comfort

Hold it with ease. Ukuleles come in many different shapes and sizes. The soprano size is the smallest, and feels incredibly comfortable when you're holding it. It has a nice, punchy resonance which contributes to this ukulele's light, melodic tone. You'll be able to play through your songs with ease, and make music with complete freedom.


Koda Soprano Ukulele Features:

  • Linden body is lightweight and produces a unique tonal character
  • Natural laminate finish offers smart appearance
  • Soprano body produces clear sound making it ideal for ukulele soloists


Koda Ukulele Specifications:
  • Traditional 21" wooden soprano ukulele
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players
  • Linden top, back & sides
  • White plastic open gear tuning machines
  • Aquila nylon strings
  • Comes with bag
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