Roland LX705PE Digital Piano - Polished Ebony

The Roland LX705 provides superior piano tone with four-speaker system with the LX700 series’ most affordable model.

✓ Stylish cabinet design with a compact footprint

✓ Punchy sound from powerful four-speaker system

✓ PHA-50 keyboard & Progressive Damper Action pedals

✓ PureAcoustic Piano Modelling and PureAcoustic Ambience technology

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    Authentic acoustic tone LX-705PE Roland Digital Piano


    It shouldn't cost the earth to enjoy the thrilling performance of an acoustic grand piano instrument at home. Introducing the Roland LX705. Budget-conscious musicians will be impressed by the LX705, which retains many of the same standout features of the LX700 Series in a highly competitive package.

    Inside the LX700 series’ most compact cabinet, you’ll find a choice of authentic piano tones and onboard ambience effects, plus tutorial features, Bluetooth connectivity and the responsive PHA-50 keyboard that lets your fingers fly. And with a four-speaker system bringing your music into the world, the entry-level to the LX700 series still punches well above its weight.


    Stylish cabinet design with a compact footprint

    Boasting the most compact cabinet in the range, this model fits snugly into your living room or apartment, complementing your décor with its clean lines and natural finish. Traditional and timeless – but with a twist – the LX705 is an instrument that makes a stylish statement without dominating your room.


    Punchy sound from powerful four-speaker system

    While it has fewer speakers than the LX708 and LX706, the LX705’s Acoustic Projection System still offers ample power and punch for most musical scenarios, thanks to a two-way, four-speaker layout where each section has a specific role in delivering superior tone. The four speakers are split into two pairs, with each pair optimised to deliver superior sound reproduction across the piano’s dynamic range. Whether you’re playing or streaming music, you’ll hear every note in immersive, crystal-clear sound.


    Express yourself fully with PHA-50 keyboard & Progressive Damper Action pedals

    When it comes to the wish-list for your new piano, feel should be a priority. From building basic skills to expressing yourself in a demanding piece, the LX705 always keeps you inspired with its PHA-50 keyboard. Whether you’re hammering or tickling the keys, you’re in control of a responsive keyboard that reacts to your touch and technique. Plus, in the longer-term, you’ll appreciate construction that combines artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology, with sleek wooden sides giving each white key a familiar feel, while the durable inner frame ensures maintenance-free reliability. Pull up a stool at the LX705, meanwhile, and you’ll find Progressive Damper Action pedals with a response to rival the best acoustic pianos out there.


    Cutting-edge technology across the range

    Each model in the LX700 series offers a different combination of cabinet design, keyboard, pedals and the number of onboard speakers. But regardless of which LX700 model you choose, many of the headline features are standard across the range. For example, Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modelling and PureAcoustic Ambience technology is available on all three instruments, along with the European and American piano models and the additional sounds including electric pianos, organs and orchestral. You also get convenient features like Bluetooth audio, Twin Piano mode, metronome and the option to use headphones to play in private, along with the unique C-shape aperture on the front panel that enables natural sound projection.


    Digital Piano Features:

    • Express yourself with PHA-50 Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action Pedals
    • Authentic acoustic tone from Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology
    • Choice of two world-class piano models – European grand and American grand
    • Capture the atmosphere of the world’s greatest stages and studios
    • ‘My Stage’ allows you to select the best combination of piano sound and ambience to emulate specific playing venues
    • Acoustic Projection System, with 2-way/4-speaker that work together to recreate the deep, rich sound field of an acoustic piano
    • Headphones Acoustic Projection for immersive and realistic playing experience when practicing on headphones
    • Includes a large and versatile collection of non-piano sounds such as electric piano, strings, organ, and many others
    • Simple and modern luxury cabinet design featuring elegant front legs and sophisticated curves, invites you to play everyday
    • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® and practice piano with audio from apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
    • Compatible with Piano Every Day app which encourages you to play the piano more often


    Roland LX-705PE Specifications:

    Sound Generator

    • Piano Sound: PureAcoustic Piano Modeling
    • Max. Polyphony:
      • Piano: Limitless (solo playing using 'Piano' category tones)
      • Other: 256
    • Tones: 324 Tones
    • PureAcoustic Ambience:
      • Type: Studio, Lounge, Concert Hall, Wooden Hall, Stone Hall, Cathedral
      • Depth: 11 types
    • My Stage: 12 types
    • Keyboard: PHA-50 Keyboard: Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel (88 keys)
    • Pedal: Progressive Damper Action Pedal (Damper pedal: capable of continuous detection, Soft pedal: capable of continuous detection/function assignable, Sostenuto pedal: function assignable)
    • Headphones: Headphones Acoustic Projection


    Speaker System

    • speaker system type: Acoustic Projection
    • Speakers: 
      • Cabinet + Near-field Speakers: 12 + 2.5 cm (5 + 1 inches) x 2 (Coaxial Speaker with Speaker Box)
      • Spatial Speakers: 2.5 cm (1 inches) x 2 (Dome type)
    • Rated Power Output: 
      • 25 W x 2
      • 5 W x 2


    Tuning, Voicing

    • Touch Sensitivity:
      • Key Touch: 100 types, fixed touch
      • Hammer Response: 10 types
    • Master Tuning: 415.3 – 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
    • Temperament: 10 types (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, Pythagorean, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), selectable temperament key
    • Effects: Brilliance
    • Piano Designer:
      • Lid
      • Key Off Noise
      • Hammer Noise
      • Duplex Scale
      • Full Scale String Resonance
      • Key Off Resonance
      • Cabinet Resonance
      • Soundboard Type
      • Damper Noise
      • Soft Pedal Type
      • Single Note Tuning
      • Single Note Volume
      • Single Note Character


    Internal Songs

    • Internal Songs:
      • US: Total 399 songs
      • Other: Total 389 songs
      • Listening: 22 songs
      • Ensemble: 30 songs
      • Entertainment: 20 songs
      • Easy Piano: 10 songs (US only)
      • Let's Sing with DO RE MI: 30 songs
      • Lesson: 287 songs (Scale, Hanon, Beyer, Burgmuller, Czerny 100)


    Data Playback

    • Playable Software:
      • Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, 1)
      • Audio File (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, MP3: 44.1 kHz, 64 kbps - 320 kbps, requires USB Flash Memory)



    • Recordable Software:
      • Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, 3 parts, Approx. 70,000 notes memory)
      • Audio File (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, requires USB Flash Memory)



    • Bluetooth:
      • Audio: Bluetooth Ver 3.0 (Supports SCMS-T content protection)
      • MIDI: Bluetooth Ver 4.0


    Compatible Android / iOS Apps (Roland)

    • Compatible Android / iOS Apps (Roland):
      • Piano Every Day
      • Piano Designer


    Convenient Functions

    • Convenient Functions:
      • Metronome (adjustable Tempo/Beat/Down beat/Pattern/Volume/Tone)
      • Registration
      • Dual
      • Split
      • TwinPiano (with Individual Mode)
      • Transpose (in semitones)
      • Speaker volume and Headphones volume automatically select function
      • Volume limit function
      • Panel Lock
      • Auto Off



    • Cabinet:
      • Music rest: with Music holders
      • Key cover: Slide type, with Keyboard Lid Switch and Classic Position



    • Display: Graphic OLED 128 x 32 dots
    • Connectors:
      • DC In jack
      • Input jacks: Stereo miniature phone type
      • Output (L/Mono, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
      • USB Computer port: USB B type
      • USB Memory port: USB A type
      • Phones jack x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
    • Power Supply: AC adaptor
    • Power Consumption: 14 W (13 W – 35 W)
    • Accessories:
      • Owner's Manual
      • Leaflet “USING THE UNIT SAFELY”
      • "Roland Piano Masterpieces"
      • AC adaptor
      • Power cord
      • Headphone hook


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    Roland LX705PE Digital Piano - Polished Ebony

    Roland LX705PE Digital Piano - Polished Ebony

    The Roland LX705 provides superior piano tone with four-speaker system with the LX700 series’ most affordable model.

    ✓ Stylish cabinet design with a compact footprint

    ✓ Punchy sound from powerful four-speaker system

    ✓ PHA-50 keyboard & Progressive Damper Action pedals

    ✓ PureAcoustic Piano Modelling and PureAcoustic Ambience technology

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