Casio AP 270 Digital Piano (88 keys)

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The Casio AP 270 digital piano gives you a grand piano experience in a shape that won't take over your room.

 ✓ Capture every nuance of your performance with AiR Sound Source

 ✓ Play with expression with Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II

 ✓ iOS/Android App Compatibility with Chordana Piano Play App

 ✓ Sleek and contemporary design with an elegant profile


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Intelligent Casio AP 270 Digital Piano (natural experience)


Looking for your first digital piano? The Casio AP 270 is a fantastic instrument that offers a very authentic piano experience. And thanks to its small size and accessible price tag, learning the piano has never been easier.

With the Casio AP 270, you can now have the sound of a 9-foot concert grand piano at your fingertips. This is all thanks to Casio's proprietary sound source "AiR" (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator). The sound source delivers the sounds with remarkable expression to ensure you always have a powerful performance.

After downloading the Chordana Play for Piano app, you will be able to customise your AP 270. Change instrument settings, control the MIDI recorder, and even view PDF scores, all in the convenience of one app.


Key Casio Piano Features:

  • Capture every nuance of your performance with AiR Sound Source
  • Play with expression with Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
  • iOS/Android App Compatibility with Chordana Piano Play App
  • Sleek and contemporary design with an elegant profile


Casio's AiR sound source

Thanks to Casio's Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (Air) technology, you can experience the unprecedented tone of a grand piano. Now boasting an expanded memory module, the AiR can achieve longer samples than previous models. What does this mean for you? Longer samples decay more naturally without any looping or any other artificial effects.

When you play a grand piano, the sound you hear is not from one single note. Other strings with associated frequencies will resonate as well, adding their sound to provide a uniquely rich resonance. Casio has digitally mastered this response to ensure every performance is expressively unique.

All 88 keys will continuously respond to the power behind each stroke. Every nuance of a pianissimo phrase, followed by the intensity of a fortississimo phrase will be replicated with exquisite detail. So whether you're reciting Debussy or Rachmaninoff, you can perform a truly organic experience.


Chordana Play for Piano app

Casio understands that technology plays a large part in education, and learning to play the piano is no exception! Now you can connect your smartphone or tablet to your piano via a USB cable to unlock a wealth of educational features.

You can choose between the 60 included PDFs of sheet music on the Chordana Play for Piano app, or you can even add your own PDF files. When connected via USB, you can configure your single or triple pedal unit as a page turner, enabling you to concentrate on the performance.

If you're looking to gain insight into the individual pieces and composers, then the app also has built-in descriptions listed from the PTNA (Piano Teachers' National Association).

For a more interactive approach, the Chordana Play for Piano app features MIDI files which enables you to play in a piano roll window. With 201 different songs to choose from, this library includes music which even beginners can enjoy listening to and perform.

Change the tempo, transpose to an easier key, or even use the AB repeat function to master small parts of the song which you're struggling with. You can even take lessons using the on-screen keyboard and track your progress using a scoring system! And if that's not enough, you can import your own MIDI files so you can play along with your favourite music.

But the Chordana Play for Piano app isn't just for learning. When you connect your Casio digital piano, you can now use your smartphone or tablet to finetune a multitude of features. You can control main settings such as what voice you are using, metronome settings, and reverb settings quickly and efficiently.

If you're really wanting to tweak your tone, then you can start to experiment with hammer response, string response, lid settings, layering options, split keyboard, recording settings, plus much more!


Incredible accuracy

The Casio AP 270 features Casio's Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. Thoughtfully designed to deliver the most natural and authentic playing experience, the AP 270 is meticulously engineered to recreate the weight, touch, and resistance of a grand piano.

The digital piano is made with simulated Ebony and Ivory textured keys, replicating the touch and playability of an acoustic grand piano. And thanks to the all-new tri-sensor system, you can accurately capture the tonal character of your performance with the AP 270.

Casio's AP 270 allows you to perform with total depth, character, and strength.


Casio AP 270 Digital Piano Specifications:

Piano Dimensions:

  • Width: 1417mm
  • Height: 821mm
  • Depth: 432mm
  • Weight: 36.6KG


Piano Keyboard:

  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Tops: Simulated Ebony and Ivory
  • Keyboard Action: Scaled Hammer Action II
  • Sensors: 3
  • Keyboard Touch Response: 3 Sensitivity Levels, Off
  • Sound Source: Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR



  • Tones: 22
  • Tone Simulation: Hammer Response, Damper Noise, Damper Resonance
  • Maximum Polyphony: 192


Digital Effects:

  • Reverbs: 4
  • Chorus: 4
  • Brilliance: Sub 3 to Plus 3
  • DSP: Preset on Some Tones



  • Concert Play Songs: 10
  • Music Library Songs: 60
  • User Songs: 10
  • Storage Per Song: 90KB


Piano Functions:

  • Function: Part ON/OFF
  • Part: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Duet Mode: Yes
  • Metronome Tempo: 20 to 255
  • Metronome Beats: 0 - 9
  • Recorder Tracks: 2
  • Recorder Songs: 1
  • Maximum Storage: 5,000 Notes
  • Key Transpose: Plus or Minus 2 Octaves
  • MIDI: Yes



  • Colour: Black
  • Pedals: Damper with Half Support, Soft, Sostenuto)
  • Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz, 440.0 Hz, 465.9 Hz
  • Inputs: Phones/Output, Pedal Connector, USB to Host
  • Speakers: 12cm x 2, 4cm x 2
  • Amplifiers: 8W Plus 8W


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