ROLAND Go Keyboard Piano (Black / 88 Keys)

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Be inspired by the Roland Go:Piano 88 Key Keyboard Piano.

Fully equipped with an incredible range of sounds, you can now explore musical styles from all over the world with the Roland GO:Piano88.

✓ Traditional Touch, Digital Tones

✓ Responsive Sounds

✓ Range of on-board Learning Tools

✓ Make music On The Move

✓ Bluetooth Connectivity



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Full-Size 88-Note Keyboard Roland Go Piano


When you’re learning to play the piano, having 88 keys makes a big difference. Although smaller 61 or 76-note keyboards are portable and easy to handle for younger players, an 88-note full-size keyboard helps you develop the correct technique and become a more expressive player.

Most keyboards make you choose between performance and portability, but Roland’s GO:PIANO88 delivers equally on both fronts. Lightweight and road-ready, this mobile instrument has a full-size 88-note keyboard and sounds derived from Roland’s best pianos keyboards, so you can play with the correct technique and expression - vital for classical music or more complex pieces.

GO:PIANO88 features high-quality on-board Bluetooth® speakers that hook up to your smart-phone to create a simple and compact learning solution. Once connected, you can start exploring free online content that makes learning faster and more fun – including online piano lessons, karaoke and tutorial videos for your favourite songs - or just stream your play-lists and jam along. Find a space, grab your smart-phone, and start your musical journey with GO:PIANO88.


Traditional Touch, Digital Tones

The Roland GO:PIANO 88 keyboard maintains a natural feel and an expressive touch. It lets you play more complex musical arrangements while the enhanced full size key action ensures a smooth transition between notes, ensuring you can play with the fullest expression. Premium performance quality is certain with the GO:PIANO88. Without sacrificing quality, the Roland GO is carefully designed with a slim and compact body. Ideal for slinging in a gig bag, or playing at rehearsals, sessions, or shows.


Roland's Responsive Sounds

With an amazing choice of sounds derived from Roland’s acclaimed premium pianos, there is no limit to your creativity. Touch the keys and you’ll hear notes full of character, changing seamlessly in response to your touch, just like on an acoustic piano. And alongside the expressive keyboard, GO:PIANO88 lets the dynamics of your playing shine through, encouraging you to develop your skills and reach your maximum potential.


Grow With The Roland Go

Your learning journey begins with the GO:PIANO88. The Roland GO helps you focus your playing experience with a range of on-board tools that support your daily practice regime. Develop your timing skills with the metronome, experiment with different keys by transposing the keyboard to a different musical pitch, or take advantage of the on-board recorder. And when you’re ready, connecting your smart-phone will reveal a world of apps and tutorial videos to help you learn and grow with the Roland GO.


Make music On The Move

Carefully designed with a compact and lightweight structure, the Roland GO is ideal for the gigging musician. Light and easy to carry, you can take the Roland GO wherever you go! And with the battery compatibility, you can stream and play your music anywhere. Ideal for band rehearsals as well as touring musicians requiring an instrument with quick setup. What's more, the Bluetooth connectivity in the GO:PIANO88 turns your piano into a speaker. So you can play on the go.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Using the GO:PIANO88 and a smart-phone, anyone can learn to play the piano. The free online content includes lessons, karaoke, and tutorial videos to help you develop your skills. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows anyone to stream music directly to the piano’s speakers. This feature is ideal for playing along to your favourite songs, as well as using as a portable speaker system. The loud volume output is ideal for use in the home, rehearsal room, or outdoors.


Video with GO:MIXER PRO

With the 88-note keyboard and tuition features, you’ll soon be playing better than ever – and wanting to share your progress with the world. Although recording videos with your smart-phone is easy, the built-in mic doesn’t always sound professional. Instead, try plugging your smart-phone and GO:PIANO88 into Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO, to directly capture the great sound while you shoot. You can connect additional sources to GO:MIXER PRO as well, including a mic. or another keyboard. With the combination of your smart-phone, GO:PIANO88 and GO:MIXER PRO, there’s no simpler way to create pro-quality videos for sharing on social media.


Keyboard Features:

  • Premium piano performance in a compact, portable and affordable instrument
  • 88-note keyboard with full-size keys and standard spacing
  • On-board high-quality Bluetooth speakers for wireless smart-phone connection
  • Compact and lightweight (7.5 kg) for playing and storing anywhere
  • Fully wireless operation with battery power and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth MIDI support for advanced music lessons with your smart-phone or tablet
  • Metronome, transpose and recording features support daily practice
  • Play anytime with built-in speakers, battery operation and headphones
  • Affordable and easy-to-carry second piano for experienced players


Go Piano Roland Keyboard Specifications:


  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Tops: Ivory feel
  • Key Shapes: Box
  • Key Touch: 3 types, fixed touch



  • Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices
  • Parts: 16 (keyboard play: 8, LOOP MIX: 8)
  • Tones:
    • Piano: 1 tone
    • E.Piano: 1 tone
    • Organ: 1 tone
    • Strings: 1 tone
  • Master Tuning: 415.3 Hz–466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
  • Transpose: -6 – +5 (in semitones)
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
  • Effects: Reverb (Level is adjustable)



  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0
  • Amplifier Output: 10 W x 2
  • Speakers: 15 x 6 cm (6 x 2-1/2 inches) x 2
  • Speaker Size: 12 x 6 cm
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor or Alkaline battery (D, LR6) / Carbon-zinc battery (D, R6) x 6
  • Current Draw: 2,000 mA
  • Included Accessories: Owner's manual, Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY", Music rest, AC adaptor, Pedal Switch
  • Colour: Black
  • Connectors:
    • Phones/Output Jack: Stereo miniature phone type
    • Aux In Jack: Stereo miniature phone type
    • Pedal Jack: 1/4 inch phone type
    • USB Computer Port: USB Micro-B type (MIDI)
    • Power Port: DC IN jack



  • Width: 1283mm
  • Height: 87mm (252 mm with music rest)
  • Depth: 291mm (397 mm with music rest)
  • Weight: 7.0kg
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