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EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Guitar Pedal BOSS

EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Guitar Pedal BOSS

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With the Boss EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Pedal, you're in complete control of your tone. Don't just settle for the subtle corrections that your amplifier's EQ gives you. Utilise the EQ-200 and take advantage of total sonic domination.

Your sound. Exactly the way you want it.

  Flexible and precise tone shaping with two wide-ranging 10-band EQ channels

 ✓ Choose from three different frequency ranges to suit different instruments

 ✓ Selectable signal flow for stereo, parallel, or series operation of both EQ channels

 ✓ Onboard memories to save your favourite sounds for instant recall

 ✓ Expandable control via connections for external footswitches, expression pedals, and MIDI



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Graphic Equalizer Guitar Pedal BOSS EQ-200


Adjust your sound, Exactly the way you want it with EQ-200 pedal!

With the BOSS EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Pedal, you're in complete control of your tone. Don't just settle for the subtle corrections that your amplifier's EQ gives you. Utilise the EQ-200 and take advantage of total sonic domination.

Two 10-band EQs can be operated in stereo, parallel, or series, giving you plenty of options for your signal flow in combination with the EQ-200's stereo connectivity.

You can even alter the centre frequencies with three selectable range settings, providing the flexibility needed for use with guitars, bass, keyboards, and more.

An intuitive interface makes using the pedal a breeze. You can save your favourite settings for instant recall, whilst a handy level slider gives you the perfect platform for boosting either of the EQ channels for searing leads.

And with 32-bit AD / DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96kHz sample rate, the Boss EQ-200 Equalizer pedal guarantees crystal-clear sound every single time.


Precise tone-shaping

When it comes to shaping the frequency content of your signal, amplifiers can be a little bit limited. That's where the Boss EQ-200 comes in. With two 10-band EQs in one compact box, you can take complete control of every aspect of your sound with incredible accuracy. Each band can be cut or boosted by up to 15dB, whilst a handy overall Level slider means you can easily balance the volume with your bypassed signal, or kick things up a notch with a boost for solos and lead lines. And with the ability to change the frequency range and frequency centres with three selectable options (30Hz to 12.8kHz, 32Hz to 16kHz, and 28Hz to 14kHz), you can optimise your pedal to suit a huge variety of instruments.


Phenomenal flexibility

The frequencies aren't the only flexible aspect of the EQ-200. With a variable signal flow structure, you can operate your pedal in one of three different modes to suit your needs. On the rear panel, there are two inputs - A and B. These can be linked together or used on their own, giving you options for Stereo equalisation, as well as being able to switch to Parallel or Series modes. When in Series mode, the two EQs are run one after the other, letting you shape two separate tones for a variety of different situations, whilst Stereo and Parallel offer that extra touch of versatility for a range of rigs and setups.


Intuitive real-time control

Equalisation can be intimidating. That's why the EQ-200 has been designed to make sculpting your tone both easy and enjoyable. The control panel gives you hands-on controls with a satisfying tactile response, making your workflow fast and hassle-free. Adjusting each frequency band is smooth with an exceptional tonal response, whilst a dedicated panel button lets you toggle between channels with ease. And when you want to stop any unwanted or accidental changes, you can simply use the integrated Panel Lock function, keeping your settings exactly as they are.

The EQ-200's intuitive nature goes beyond the look and feel of the pedal. Intelligent features such as the four onboard memories make setting up your board incredibly easy. Each memory can be saved by simply holding the memory button, whilst a Manual setting lets you quickly jump to the settings that are currently set on the panel itself.

The pedal's controls are expandable too. The default footswitches allow you to toggle the pedal on and off, as well as scroll through your memory slots. However, these can be reassigned to switch specific channels on or off, to select specific memories, and much more. The EQ-200 also provides you with the ability to control your pedal using external footswitches, which can also be assigned in any way you wish. There's also a rear panel connector for hooking up an expression pedal, giving you intuitive level control for either channel, or the overall output level. Plus, with MIDI I/O via mini TRS jacks, you can operate a plethora of functions from external MIDI controllers, as well as chaining multiple 200-Series pedals for quick and easy simultaneous memory selection.


Uninterrupted sound quality

When you've got so many different features, functions, and voices to play with, it can be easy to forget that above everything, a pedal has to sound good. Boss certainly haven't forgotten this. The EQ-200 features 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96kHz sampling rate - all coming together to provide premium sound quality and clarity. This is a pedal that'll only ever make your signal better, never worse.


BOSS EQ-200 Equalizer Pedal Features:

  • Class-leading sound quality with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Twelve versatile modes provide a wide range of delay types
  • Fast, easy operation with hands-on controls
  • Access 128 user setups from the panel or MIDI program change
  • Recall consecutive memories plus real-time panel setting via footswitch or dedicated panel button
  • Phrase looper with up to 60 seconds of recording time
  • Panel Lock function disables controls to prevent unwanted changes
  • Customizable multi-function footswitches for bypass, tap tempo, memory selection, looper control, and more
  • Support for expanded control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI
  • Full MIDI I/O provided with mini TRS jacks (BMIDI-5-35 adaptor cable available separately)
  • Micro USB jack for firmware updates
  • Analog dry through and buffered bypass
  • Runs on PSA-series AC adaptor or three AA-size batteries


Boss EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Pedal Specifications:
  • Brand: Boss
  • Model: EQ-200


  • Sampling Frequency: 96kHz
  • AD/DA Conversion: 32-bit
  • Processing: 32-bit floating point
  • Memory: 4 + Manual
  • Input: INPUT A / MONO, B
  1. Nominal Input Level: -10dBu
  2. Maximum Input Level: +7dBu
  3. Input Impedance: 2 M Ohms
  • Output: OUTPUT A / MONO, B
  1. Nominal Output Level: -10dBu
  2. Maximum Output Level: +7dBu
  3. Output Impedance: 1 k Ohms
  4. Recommended Load Impedance: 10 k Ohms or greater
  • Bypass: Buffered bypass


  1. ON/OFF switch
  2. MEMORY switch
  3. Frequency sliders (10-band, labelled 30Hz to 12.8kHz)
  4. Level slider
  5. A/B button
  6. MEMORY button
  • Display: Graphic LCD (64 x 32 dots, backlit LCD)


  1. A/B indicator
  2. MEMORY (MAN, 1--4) indicators


  1. INPUT (A/MONO, B): 1/4'' jack
  2. OUTPUT (A/MONO, B): 1/4'' jack
  3. CTL 1, 2/EXP: 1/4'' TRS jack
  4. MINI (IN, OUT): Stereo minijack
  5. DC IN: DC input socket for use with BOSS PSA-S power adaptors
  6. USB Port: USB micro-B type (program update only)

Power Supply:

  1. 3 x alkaline battery (AA, LR6)
  2. AC adaptor (not included, available separately)
  • Current Draw: 170mA
  • Expected Battery Life: Approx. 7 hours with alkaline batteries (under continuous use, figure will vary depending on actual conditions of use)


  • With Rubber Foot: 101mm x 138mm x 62mm / 4'' x 5-7/16'' x 2-1/2'' (W x D x H)
  • Without Rubber Foot: 101mm x 138mm x 60mm / 4'' x 5-7/16'' x 2-3/8'' (W x D x H)


  • With Batteries: 700g / 1lb 9oz
  • Without Batteries: 630g / 1lb 7oz

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