E4 Left Handed Bass Guitar Pack ENCORE

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The Encore E4 Bass Guitar Left Handed pack is the perfect way to get started - it contains everything you need (and more). 

✓ Everything you need to play bass in one affordable package 

✓ Enjoy excellent tone from quality made E4 Bass guitar 

✓ Amp your music up with 10 watt Kinsman Amplifier 

✓ The ultimate setup for bassists just starting out



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Left Handed Bass Guitar Pack ENCORE E4


So you want to be a bassist? Wise choice.

The Encore E4 Bass Guitar Left Handed pack is the perfect way to get started - it contains everything you need (and more).

The bass guitar itself is a well-designed piece of kit, with a solitary Guitar Tech split single-coil for producing luscious bass tones which suit any genre. And the Kinsman amp helps you to go as loud as you like with your playing, whilst letting you mould your bass's tone to suit your taste.

But it doesn't end there. You'll also get a strap, spare strings, guitar stand, instructional DVD, pick, tuner, and gig bag. The possibilities are endless with this exceptional outfit.


The ENCORE E4 Bass Guitar

A dynamic bass. Boasting a twin cutaway body shape, you'll find it easy to hold and play. And the single Guitar Tech split single-coil pickup keeps things simple, whilst also producing a rich, vibrant tone.

A maple neck and rosewood fingerboard also make for smooth playing, allowing your fingers to glide along with ease whilst you lay down some sweet basslines.

It's suited to any genre, so you can experiment and find your musical voice in no time - perfect for beginners or those who want an effective practice bass.


Let's get loud

Belt out bass. The Kinsman amp included in this package offers quality tones and limitless control. Using the array of control dials, you can sculpt and shape your tone to suit your taste, with a three-band EQ section for controlling bass, treble, and midrange frequencies.

And there's also a headphone socket for silent practice. This amp is sure to fulfil all your basic bass needs, and with 10 watts of power, you'll be able to go plenty loud when you crank the volume dial - great for jamming.


An array of equipment

The ultimate starter kit. This generous package contains a wealth of equipment to help you along on your bass journey.

There's a lead for plugging your bass into your amp, as well as a strap for playing stood up.

A set of spare strings is there for when the original strings start to get grimy, and you can use the included guitar stand to keep it safe when you're not playing.

As if that weren't enough, an instructional DVD will help to accelerate your learning, allowing you to master this fine instrument in no time.

Topping it all off is a plectrum, tuner, and guitar bag, to help ensure you get the optimal playing experience.


ENCORE E4 Bass Pack Specifications:

  • Bass Guitar Body: Solid tonewood, vintage comfort contoured
  • Neck: Vintage profile maple
  • Fingerboard: Overhung 20 fret, 10'' radius rosewood
  • Scale Length: 864mm
  • Tuners: Guitar Tech Chrome, with authentic 'elephant ear' shape keys
  • Scratchplate: Three ply
  • Bridge / Tailpiece: Guitar Tech fully intonable face-mounted with steel baseplate and individual saddles
  • Pickups: Guitar Tech split single coil
  • Controls: 1x Tone, 1x Volume
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Body Finish: Black


Encore Bass Guitar Pack Content:
  • Encore E4 Left Handed Bass Guitar
  • Kinsman Amp: 10 Watt, Input, Volume, Bass / Middle / Treble EQ, Headphone Socket
  • Kinsman Guitar Lead
  • Guitar Strap
  • Encore Spare Strings
  • Kinsman Guitar Stand: Height Adjustable, Black Foam Supports, Tripod Base
  • Instructional DVD
  • Plectrum
  • Tuner
  • Bass Guitar Bag
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