Hayman HM100-MU Start Series 5 Piece Drum Kit in Metallic Blue colour

HM100-MU Start Series 5 Piece Drum Kit HAYMAN

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Beautiful Starter Series 5 Piece Acoustic Drum Kit in metallic blue colour by HAYMAN.

Complete drum set with hardware pack including: snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand & bass drum pedal, drum throne and drumsticks.



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5 Piece Drum Kit HAYMAN HM100-MU (Metallic Blue)


HM100-MU junior drum kit is complete drum set with hardware pack including 5 pieces of drums and drum sticks.


HM100-MU Drum Kit Features:

Black rims & aluminium lugs, Deluxe snare Throw-off, Quality hammered cymbals.

Black hardware with contrasting brushed chrome joints and contrasting red footboard on pedals

  • 22″ bass drum (47cm deep)
  • 10″ tom (23cm deep)
  • 12″ tom (25cm deep)
  • 16″ floor tom (37cm deep)
  • 14″ snare drum (16cm deep)
  • 14″ and 16″ cymbals

Inclusive 14″ hi-hats and 16″ ride / crash cymbal.

Drum throne in height adjustable from 50 till 63

Drum Kit Specification:

Weight: 38 kg

Dimensions: 61 × 61 × 77 cm

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