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  • € 16.00 In Stock

    A modern take on tradition, D Soprano Whistle suitable for all ages and abilities. The TONY DIXON DX001 Whistle is the most popular model in this series.   ✓ Straight bore non-tuneable whistle gives nice warm woody tone  ✓ Polymer body and ABS head  ✓ Perfect for a learner making first steps

    € 16.00
  • € 54.00 In Stock

    Introducing the re-designed and improved Soprano D Whistle with an aluminium body by TONY DIXON   ✓ Back by popular demand, this whistle marks the return of an old friend now renamed  ✓ Incorporates the internal tuning slide on an aluminium bodied high D  ✓ The ABS head tunes on a solid nickel slide, fixed in the aluminium body, resulting in a solid,...

    € 54.00
  • € 45.00 In Stock

    The Tony Dixon soprano whistle in the key of D boasts a unique and aesthetically pleasing brass tuning slide and produces a beautiful clear tone that has enough volume to hold its own in any session without being overpowering.

    € 45.00
  • € 24.00 In Stock

    Fully tuneable in the key of D. This whistle has a beautifully sweet mellow tone achieved by the polymer body. It's a popular session whistle and used in many bands and grúpaí ceoil

    € 24.00
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items