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Hayman drums and Drum-sticks

Hayman drums have been updated and redeveloped, blending the tradition and innovation of the original designs with the benefits of the very latest production techniques and processes.

Hayman drum sticks are a great purchase for advancing drummers. Explore selection of Hayman drums and drum-sticks products at our online shop.

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  • € 7.00

    The Hayman 7A drum sticks are a great purchase for advancing drummers. Featuring solid hickory wood and a wooden tip, these sticks have been finely balanced to provide a perfect weight and feel, in order to give the best performance. These thinner and lighter 7A sticks are ideal for playing with smaller and quieter ensembles.

    € 7.00
  • € 22.00

    The PA-52 Wire Brush features a smooth rubber handle with a retractable thin wire head which is ideal for all round playing, perfect for players of various different styles.  ✓ Retractable Medium Wire Bristles allow any preferred amount of spread  ✓ Smooth Rubber Handle  ✓ Medium wire bristles produce a traditional jazz sound

    € 22.00
  • € 349.00

    Beautiful Starter Series 5 Piece Acoustic Drum Kit in metallic blue colour by HAYMAN. Complete drum set with hardware pack including: snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand & bass drum pedal, drum throne and drumsticks.

    € 349.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items