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Tanglewood Guitar Company was established in England in the latter part of the 20th century. Legendary Tanglewood satin guitar finish has become a staple design signature that is immediately recognisable.

Now distributed in over 60 countries globally, winner of the Music Industry UK’s All Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars award, Tanglewood guitars still push to innovate and add value.

Whatever guitar model you require, Tanglewood always have an instrument to fulfil your desire.

Buy Tanglewood guitar from B Sharp Music shop Ireland, we have great selection of guitars at affordable prices.

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  • € 220.00

    Electro-Acoustic Guitar TANGLEWOOD bringing you a classic acoustic tone, stage-worthy style, and slick playability.  ✓ Create spine-chilling bluesy riffs and deliver authentic warmth with an all-mahogany body  ✓ Input sonic oomph into each performance thanks to a slope shoulder dreadnought  ✓ Responsive electronics for a natural live sound

    € 220.00
  • € 199.00

    The Tanglewood TW2T Travel Acoustic Guitar is the perfect companion for any travelling musician, as its compact size is both portable and lightweight.  ✓ Travel Size Body Shape is Perfect For Travelling Musicians  ✓ All-Mahogany Body Provides an Earthy, Woody Tone  ✓ Techwood Fingerboard Produces a Warm Tone With Natural Feel  ✓ Small Chrome Die-Cast...

    € 199.00
  • € 449.00

    This Tanglewood Winterleaf Exotic Travel Electro-Acoustic guitar prides on being big on comfort, and easy to travel with.  ✓ Solid top for a bright, exotic tone that blossoms with sweet warmth the more you play  ✓ Take your music anywhere with a comfortable travel folk body and a responsive nature  ✓ Make live performance what it should be with Fishman...

    € 449.00
  • € 399.00

    The Tanglewood TW12CE Winterleaf Folk 12-String Acoustic has mountains of magical tone locked up inside its 12 strings.  ✓ Beautiful, ethereal tone thanks to mahogany construction  ✓ Easy to play with smooth mahogany neck  ✓ Perfect For gigging musicians due to built-in electronics  ✓ Get the perfect 12 string sound

    € 399.00
  • € 189.00

    The Crossroads TWRC OE electro-acoustic guitar is crafted entirely from mahogany, offering a sonically-pleasing experience filled with rich and dark tonalities.  ✓ Orchestra Body Shape Provides Comfortable Playing Experience  ✓ Mahogany Neck Offers Durability & Resonance  ✓ On-Board Preamp For Amplified Sound  ✓ Whiskey Barrel Burst Satin Finish For...

    € 189.00
  • € 129.00

    Acoustic guitar Tanglewood TWCR O Crossroads offers incredible tone, projection, and playability  ✓ Affordable, comfortable and ideal for beginners to seasoned players  ✓ Mahogany produces warmth, resonance and mid-range emphasis  ✓ Whiskey barrel burst finish and abalone rosette offers authentic look  ✓ Offers great response to a wide variety of...

    € 129.00
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  • € 220.00

    Expect all that lively, authentic ukulele charisma you know and love.  ✓ A unique, exotic blend of timbers for a scintillating ukulele tone with a classic jangle  ✓ Smooth satin finish and tenor cutaway body makes finding new melodies a breeze  ✓ Unleash your passion with plug-in and play capabilities  ✓ A stunning design with renowned Tanglewood quality...

    € 220.00
  • € 299.00

    TANGLEWOOD TWUDCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar has a full, rich, powerful tone thanks to its mahogany top, back, and sides, which makes each of your notes glimmer with warmth and vibrance.  ✓ Full bodied, resonant tone thanks to dreadnought body shape ✓ Powerful, dynamic, articulate tone thanks to mahogany tonewood ✓ Easy upper fret access using cutaway body...

    € 299.00
  • € 369.00

    With an all-mahogany construction the TW3E Electro-Acoustic Guitar delivers a punchy, woody characteristic that is rich, resonant and full. ✓ Ideal For Old School Blues Due To All-Mahogany Build ✓ Parlour Body Delivers Superb Tone For Slide & Smooth Blues Players ✓ Perfect For Gigging Musicians Due To Built-In Electronics ✓ Techwood Fingerboard &...

    € 369.00
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items