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Boss is a manufacturer of effects pedals for electric guitar and bass guitar. Boss is one of the largest brands in the guitar pedals industry. For many years has manufactured a wide range of products related to effects processing for guitars. Discover the best-selling guitar and bass classic single BOSS pedals.

Boss pedals and amplifiers

They also are now manufacturing guitar amplifiers and speaker heads such as the Waza and the Katana. Versatile and powerful guitar amps for beginners to pros.

It is a division of the Roland Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in musical equipment and accessories.

Discover the best-selling guitar and bass classic single BOSS pedals.

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  • € 199.00

    The VO-1 Vocoder is a unique and innovative stompbox that puts the massive expressive range of the human voice in the hands of every guitarist and bassist.  ✓ Innovative, easy-to-use vocoder pedal powered by BOSS’ famous guitar synth technology  ✓ Use your voice to dramatically extend the expressive range of your instrument in countless ways

    € 199.00
  • € 149.00

    The BCB-60 Pedal Board can be customised to suit your needs. There are 3 pre-cut foam inserts for your Boss gear, as well as a spare insert which can be cut and shaped to fit any pedal.  ✓ Customise Padded Interior To Fit Your Required Gear  ✓ Tough & Sturdy Exterior Withstands Rigours of The Road  ✓ 1000mA AC Adapter On-Board Powers Up to 7 Devices...

    € 149.00
  • € 150.00

    Old meets new in the most versatile octave pedal yet. The BOSS OC-5 is the new flagship octave guitar pedal and sets a new benchmark.  ✓ Flick between old school OC-2 tones on 'vintage' and modern voicings on 'poly'  ✓ Add even more depth to your music with dedicated octave-up knob  ✓ Select which notes to harmonise using Variable Range control  ✓ Guitar...

    € 150.00
  • € 105.00

    Experiment with the GE-7 Equalizer Guitar Pedal and give your sound a unique twist, or as a simple way to boost your sound during solos.  ✓ Compact 7-Band EQ Offers the Ultimate Control  ✓ Boost/Cut Each Band up to +/-15dB  ✓ Adjustable Frequencies Ranging From 100Hz to 6.4kHz  ✓ Perfect ''Boost'' Pedal for Solos or Creating Alternative sounds  ✓ Ideal...

    € 105.00
  • € 120.00

    The BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone Guitar Effects Pedal is the ultimate tool for hard rock and metal guitarists, offering an incredible range of stunning and insane distortions to make any performance sound Electric. Its dual-gain circuitry ensures your tone is saturated in a super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows, while the 3-band EQ lets you dial in an...

    € 120.00
  • € 145.00

    The BOSS DD-3T Digital Delay Pedal is an enhanced version of the legendary DD-3. It maintains all of the distinctive, recognisable sound of the original - but with improved functionality that makes adding a touch of stunning delay to your music, completely simple. It’s now possible to tap in delay tempos using the onboard switch or an external one, with...

    € 145.00
  • € 210.00

    ✓ Three modes: 8-Track Digital Studio, Stereo Field Recorder and "eBand" Jam Station  ✓ Records directly onto SD cards (up to 32GB)  ✓ Built-in quality condenser microphones for stereo recording  ✓ 64 Tracks in total and 8 simultaneous playback tracks + stereo drum track with a huge selection of Grooves 

    € 210.00
  • € 199.00

    Experience a gigantic range of top-quality synth sounds with 121 voices to choose from. No need for stressful setup, the Synthesizer Pedal Boss SY-1 is as easy to use as any pedal on your board. Polyphonic voices mean it's perfect for both lead and rhythm playing. The All-in-One Bass & Guitar Synthesizer Pedal (you won't need another...)

    € 199.00
  • € 165.00

    The Boss RV-6 Reverb Pedal is a powerful and compact digital reverb pedal which features 8 professional reverb types.  ✓ Powerful Reverb Pedal with Multiple Reverb Types  ✓ 8 Different Reverb Modes  ✓ Studio Quality Digital Reverb Tones  ✓ Stereo or Mono Operation  ✓ Robust and Compact Design

    € 165.00
  • € 95.00

    The Boss LS-2 Line Selector Guitar Pedal is the ultimate addition to any pedalboard with multiple stompboxes or amps. ✓ Offers 2 Line Looped with 6 Loop Modes  ✓ Can Supply Power to Several Pedals  ✓ Create 2 FX Loops or Connect up to 3 Amps  ✓ Produce Simple Boost by Adjusting A/B Levels  ✓ Connect Two Instruments & Use as 2-Channel Mixer

    € 95.00
  • € 115.00

    Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive Effect Pedal an exciting and unique overdrive pedal that reacts to the intensity of your performance. ✓ Provides Dynamic Transition Between Clean to Heavy  ✓ Creates Unique Tone Transitions Based on Picking Dynamics  ✓ Roadworthy Metal Construction

    € 115.00
  • € 105.00

    Boss CH-1 Super Chorus effect pedal delivers a clean chorus sound with crystal-clear highs and a unique stereo effect. ✓ Clean, Brilliant Chorus Sound for Guitar and Keyboards  ✓ Level, EQ, Rate & Depth For Precise Shaping of Sound  ✓ Features Mono Input and Stereo Outputs  ✓ Roadworthy Design Ideal For Gigging Musicians

    € 105.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items