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The Shubb capo story started about five years later. We came up with a design for a guitar capo that would change that, along with everything else for me.

Unlike prior capos that were based on some existing clamp or strap, the new capo closed onto the guitar neck just like your hand. Not only did it feel good to use, it remedied the tuning issues associated with using a capo. The first time I closed the prototype onto my guitar neck, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my life.

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  • € 24.00

    SHUBB C1 Steel String Guitar Capo features an innovative roller design that offers smoother action, superior geometry and reduced wear.  ✓ C1 Capo for Guitar Delivers Quality & Perfect Intonation  ✓ Fits Most Acoustic & Electric Guitars  ✓ 2 Inch Wide Radius with Easy to Use Contoured Lever  ✓ Rounded Ends Provide a Softer Touch  ✓ Roller Design...

    € 24.00
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