Banjo Strings

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    Martin have selected a nickel / steel alloy for its tonal qualities. The smooth consistency of the wrap wire combined with the silvered-steel plain banjo strings makes them ideal for all styles of playing.

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    Martin banjo strings are made of a nickel / steel alloy. Strings best suited to accent the strong resonating tendencies of most banjos. ✓ Tin-plated steel core is responsive, lively, and resilient ✓ Nickel alloy wrap wire is consistently smooth and tonally flexible for a variety of playing styles ✓ 4-string tenor gauge is mellow and warm and accents low...

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    D'Addario banjo strings are designed to reveal your instruments full potential. Ultra-fine grain high carbon steel delivers crisp, projecting highs while precision-drawn wrap materials are wound onto a hexagonally shaped core for consistent, complex overall tone.

    € 6.50
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items