Bass Ukulele

Acoustic & Electro Bass Ukuleles

The Bass Ukulele is essentially a scaled down miniature acoustic bass-guitar. Bass ukuleles share the warmth and playability of a ukulele with the deep, thundering tones of a bass. The Bass ukulele shares the same E-A-D-G tuning and same deep resonant tones for playing punchy basslines, and irresistible low down rhythm.

Using polyurethane strings specially developed to achieve bass tones in a small 21-inch scale length instrument, Bass ukulele sounds remarkably close to a Double Bass for it's size. Plugged into an amplifier they can sound truly earth shaking! Choose from acoustic and electro Bass ukuleles in our online store at B Sharp Music shop Ireland. Considered a novelty instrument on release, Bass ukulele is now regarded as a serious professional instrument. Adaptable to any musical situation, it has become a more than worthy substitute for Bass or Double Bass, and a wonderful addition to any ukulele ensemble.

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