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    The SM57 dynamic microphone sets the industry standard for reliable and quality instrument miking. The SM57 delivers an exceptionally clean and bright sound thanks to the carefully tailored frequency response. The cardioid pick-up pattern focuses on the main source of sound so you can capture every essence and nuance of your instrument without the...

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    Record directly to your computer Excellent for vocals and instruments Podcast over the internet Create your own audio for video Record your own songs Simply plug in and start recording Windows and Apple compatible

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    Compact and easy to set up UHF wireless microphone set with a handheld transmitter and USB receiver. The receiver simply plugs into a USB power supply or USB port for power and outputs to a 3.5mm jack socket. A plug-through USB connection is provided on the receiver to allow the USB port to continue to be used for connection to media or other USB...

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    The Chord MS06 is a complete microphone stand kit that provides you with a unidirectional dynamic microphone alongside a high-quality microphone stand with a boom arm and a microphone holder, a 3m XLR – ¼-inch TS Jack microphone lead, and a convenient black nylon carry bag with a front pocket for storing your accessories.

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    Key Featuresx4 Wireless Microphones USB Rechargeable 120 Metre Range 19'' Receiver XLR and Jack Outputs

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    The KAM KWM1932 V3 twin-channel professional UHF wireless microphone system is a package with two wireless microphones and a UHF twin fixed-channel receiver.The KAM KWM1932 V3 boasts an impressive 50-metre working range and is very reliable, making it the perfect choice for vocalists, mobile DJ entertainers, presentations and much more.

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    The KAM KWM 1940 is a twin-channel, professional UHF wireless microphone system that ensures you get the results you're looking for every time.Kam's KWM 1940 wireless microphone system gives you total performance flexibility thanks to the 50-metre working distance and long-lasting battery life from just 2 x AA batteries.

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