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Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Size Ukuleles

Tenor Ukuleles are the next size up from a concert size. The scale for a tenor ukulele is about two inches longer, the neck is just a little wider, and overall it’s a little heavier than the concert.

The extra length allows for wider spacing between the frets. This makes tenor ukuleles more suited for fingerpicking. The tenor size is the most popular among professional players, but is great for any skill or experience level.

The larger size gives the tenor a deeper, fuller sound with a resonant, almost bassy tone. The tenor also projects better than the concert, making the volume a bit louder.

The standard ukulele tuning of G/C/E/A applies to the tenor size. You can find the best Tenor Ukulele in our online store on B Sharp Music shop Ireland. We stock big brand names such as Ortega and Kala.

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