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    • € 10.00

      The Aroma AT-101 Tuner will tune your instrument with precision quality.  This chromatic tuner is highly sensitive and ensure your instrument is accurately tuned every time.  ✓ Lightening fast and accurate  ✓ Easy to use and super durable design  ✓Auto power off function  ✓ Multi instrument tuning: Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele

      € 10.00
    • € 28.00

      The PLANET WAVES NS Mini Headstock Tuner precisely tunes a wide variety of stringed instruments in a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use design. ✓ Lightweight, Easy-to-Use Design ✓ 360 Degree Swivel Mechanism ✓ Built-In Piezo Transducer ✓ Tri-Colour Reversible Backlit LCD Screen ✓ Compact, Blends Into Aesthetics of Instrument

      € 28.00
    • € 19.00

      The Universal Chromatic II Tuner from Planet Waves is suitable for anyone looking to tune their guitars, electric basses, acoustic instruments, woodwind, or almost any other tunable instrument that makes a solid, steady pitch. A fully chromatic tuner, this device utilizes a large note indicator with bold, LCD graphics and LEDs which show you, simply, if...

      € 19.00
    • € 15.00

      The Eclipse chromatic clip-on tuner offers fast, accurate chromatic tuning on and off the stage. The tuner features a full colour vertical display, auto power-off, and pitch calibration in a discreet, compact design. The multi-swivel action allows for the perfect viewing angle and can be mounted in front of or behind the headstock on right- and...

      € 15.00
    • € 15.00

      Compact headstock guitar tuner that works on vibration or microphone sensing.Includes a selection of tuning modes:Guitar Bass - an accurate and steady response down to the low B of a 5 string bass Ukulele Chromatic

      € 15.00
    • € 75.00

      The MOOER Baby Tuner is a high precision tuning micro pedals accurate to 1 point. Baby Tuner guitar pedal works with most electric or electro-acoustic instruments including seven string guitar or five string bass.

      € 75.00
    • € 19.99

      Bullet Clip-On Tuner was built with live performance reliability and aesthetic in mind. Vibration-based tuning system and LED colour screen. Waterproof and is 360° Rotatable.

      € 19.99
    • € 20.00

      Attractive TGI90 Clip on Tuner Tune Instruments like: ✓ Guitar  ✓ Bass  ✓ Violin  ✓ Ukulele 

      € 20.00
    • € 90.00

      Housed in a tank-tough BOSS stompbox body, the TU-3 features a smooth 21-segment LED meter with a High-Brightness mode that cuts through the harshest outdoor glare. Choose between Chromatic or Guitar/Bass tuning modes, and enjoy visual pinpoint tuning verification with the Accu-Pitch Sign function. BOSS TU-3 is the new-standard tuner that no guitarist or...

      € 90.00
    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items