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    The FENDER Blues Deville Harmonica is ideal for both beginners and seasoned harpists! This harmonica has a solid construction, traditional shape and a bright articulate tone. It is ideal for the stage with unmatched lasting power. ✓ Black and Gold Etched Case ✓ Moisture Resistant ABS Plastic Combs ✓ Replaceable Phosphor Bronze Reed Plates ✓ Includes Case

    € 45.00
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    The HOHNER Big River Harp is a high quality marine band style harmonica that incorporates a plastic comb, stainless steel shell and diatonic tuning to create a strong, bright toned harmonica. The HOHNER Big River Harp is an incredible quality, great value professional harmonica. ✓ Diatonic ✓ Stainless Steel Shell ✓ 20 Brass MS Reeds

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    HOHNER Progressive Special 20 Harmonica is a great introductory harmonica for beginners. Harmonica HOHNER Special 20 has a plastic comb which unlike wooden harmonica combs doesn't absorb moisture and provides a completely air tight construction. An exceptionally high quality, great value harmonica. ✓ Diatonic ✓ Stainless Steel Shell ✓ 20 Brass Reeds

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    The major diatonic harmonica is the most commonly used tuning for playing Blues, Rock, Country Folk & Jazz. ✓ Diatonic Harmonica F

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    Perfect for the seasoned harpist or those who are just starting out, the FENDER Blues Deluxe Harmonica is versatile enough for any level of player. ✓ The true sound of the blues - case included ✓ Chromed Metal Cover ✓ Moisture Resistant ABS Plastic Combs ✓ Replaceable Brass Reed Plates Available in: C, G, A, D, F, E, Bb

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    The JAMBONE is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price.

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    HOHNER 270BX-D Super Chromonica. As a principal choice for some of the world's leading harmonica musicians. ✓ HOHNER harmonica case included ✓ 3-octave chromatic range beginning at Middle C ✓ Precision-crafted HOHNER pearwood comb

    € 155.00
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