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The classical guitar also referred to as Nylon string or Spanish guitar is truly a great instrument. Steeped in history with a sound that is instantly recognisable. I can’t decide what I enjoy more: building one or playing one.

Certainly building a Salvador Cortez is a true dream for a luthier. Selecting and working with top quality materials according to traditional Spanish methods, really gives each guitar an individual soul, making it so much more than just a classical guitar.

Buy Salvador Cortez guitars at incredible prices, from B Sharp Music Instruments Ireland. Top quality materials according to traditional Spanish methods.

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  • € 149.00

    Whether you're a complete beginner, a seasoned pro, or picking up an old hobby, the Salvador Cortez CC-06 Classical Guitar is expertly designed with your acoustic playing future in mind.  ✓ Ideal for beginners and experienced players  ✓ High standard construction with natural finish  ✓ Cedar top creates excellent tonal balance   ✓ The ultimate blend of...

    € 149.00
  • € 279.00

    Part of the Solid Top Artist Series, Salvador Cortez brings us the CC-22. This classical guitar offers uncompromised sound quality at an incredible price.  ✓ Sapele Body Creates Both Rich Sound and Looks  ✓ Solid Cedar Top Delivers a Well Balanced, Warm Sound  ✓ Perfect For The Intermediate to Advanced Player  ✓ Incredible Craftsmanship At a Great Price 

    € 279.00
  • € 175.00

    The CC-10 Classical Guitar is part of the student series by Salvador Cortez. This guitar is made with top quality materials according to traditional Spanish methods.  ✓ Sapele body creates both rich sound and looks  ✓ Excellent tonal balance  ✓ Perfect for young players, or the female guitarist too.  ✓ Incredible craftsmanship at a great price 

    € 175.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items