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    Buy one of the best-selling recorders, wind instruments designed for students and classroom use.

    Durable recorders wind instruments with low maintenance and outstandingly consistent tonal qualities. Excellent budget recorders ideal for students.

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    • € 10.00

      Wind instrument with a removable thumb rest and Including a carrying bag, cleaning rod, and a fingering chart, the AULOS 303A is the ideal recorder for students. ✓ 3-piece construction recorder ✓ Baroque fingering ✓ D# and C# holes ✓ Deatachable thumb rest ✓ Cleaning rod ✓ Carrying bag ✓ Fingering Chart 

      € 10.00
    • € 18.00

      The AULOS 205 is one of the world's best-selling recorders, the latest design having a sweeter sound than previous series. ✓ Recorder designed for students of all ages and standards ✓ Durable wind instrument with low maintenance ✓ Outstandingly consistent tonal qualities ✓ Perfect for solo or ensemble use

      € 18.00
    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items