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Medeli Electronics believes the full enjoyment of music greatly relies on high-quality musical instruments.

Buy Medeli music instruments at B Sharp Music. We have great selection of Medeli products including electronic pianos keyboards and electonic drum monitor speakes.

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  • € 199.00

    The Medeli AP30B is a 40 watt Electric Drum Monitor Amplifier that certainly packs a punch !  ✓ Portable Electric Drum Monitor  ✓ Powerful Sound  ✓ Dedicated Digital Drums Personal Monitor  ✓ Multi-function Inputs 

    € 199.00
  • € 779.00

    Have a restricted amount of space to work with, but don’t want to limit your sound? The MEDELI DP 260 is the perfect digital piano for keyboardists with small practice spaces, and who are always on the go. From beginners to advanced players, this portable digital piano instrument is packed with great voices, useful learning features, and compatible...

    € 779.00
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  • € 249.00

    The A100S Keyboard produces an impressively big sound. From the beautiful and dynamic sound to the high quality feel and touch, A100S provides almost everything an aspiring keyboardist will ever ask for. ✓ Equipped with an impressive 700 voices and 280 styles. ✓ Easy to read LCD display screen ✓ Powerful sounds produced from the two 10W speakers ✓ 61...

    € 249.00
  • € 899.00

    The Medeli DP280K is a digital piano for the pianist with higher requirements. This piano is equipped with the high-quality K8 keyboard from Medeli. The keyboard is provided with a coating which gives you the feeling of playing on a keyboard with an ivory top layer. The keyboard is equipped with 3 sensors so that the release of the key is also registered.

    € 899.00
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items