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    Experience a gigantic range of top-quality synth sounds with 121 voices to choose from No need for stressful setup - the SY-1 is as easy to use as any pedal on your board Polyphonic voices mean it's perfect for both lead and rhythm playing The all-in-one synth pedal - you won't need another...

    € 203.00
  • € 165.00 In Stock

    Key FeaturesPowerful Reverb Pedal with Multiple Reverb Types 8 Different Reverb Modes Studio Quality Digital Reverb Tones Stereo or Mono Operation Robust and Compact Design

    € 165.00
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    Key FeaturesPlayer friendly dual track looper 3 hours recording time available Use with both instruments and microphones Discover our bestselling loop pedal

    € 199.00
  • € 95.00 In Stock

    Key FeaturesOffers 2 Line Looped with 6 Loop Modes Can Supply Power to Several Pedals Create 2 FX Loops or Connect up to 3 Amps Produce Simple Boost by Adjusting A/B Levels Connect Two Instruments & Use as 2-Channel Mixer

    € 95.00
  • € 115.00 In Stock

    Key FeaturesBoss DN-2 Dyna Drive Effect Pedal Provides Dynamic Transition Between Clean to Heavy Creates Unique Tone Transitions Based on Picking Dynamics Roadworthy Metal Construction

    € 115.00
  • € 105.00 Out of stock
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    Key FeaturesClean, Brilliant Chorus Sound for Guitar and Keyboards Level, EQ, Rate & Depth For Precise Shaping of Sound Features Mono Input and Stereo Outputs Roadworthy Design Ideal For Gigging Musicians

    € 105.00
  • € 125.00 Out of stock
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    Key FeaturesDelivers Classic Wah Tone With Full Dynamic Range Mooer's Unique Pressure Sensing Pads For Easy Operation Micro Size Pedal Fits Easily On Any Pedalboard 3 Different Modes Include Sensor, Hold & Advanced True Bypass Eliminates Signal Interference When Not In Use

    € 125.00
  • € 54.00 In Stock

    Ultra low distortion, send bass or guitar signal directly to audio system. XLR balanced or ¼" unbalanced output. On/Off Cabinet Simulator switch. Ground lift function. -20db/0/+20db gain settings. Simple, easy to use design. 100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry. 100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry. "Effects on" indicator light. Micro...

    € 54.00
  • € 89.00 In Stock

    The Mooer Funky Monkey Pedal is equipped with 4 simple controls, that can be used to shape your ideal Auto-Wah effect.Find Ideal Auto Wah Sound With Wide Range Of Adjustable Effects Offers 3 Peak Modes Including Hi, Mid & Lo Controls Include Peak Switch, Range, Q & Rate Tiny & Compact Size Easily Fits Onto Pedalboard True Bypass Eliminates...

    € 89.00
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    Key FeaturesEnjoy endless choice with 16 drum grooves to suit any genre Loop for days with an unlimited number of recordings at your disposal Use the looper and drum machine simultaneously for even more sonic possibilities A full band in a box - perfect for performance

    € 110.00
  • € 75.00 In Stock

    Key FeaturesMooer Audio Pure Boost Boost Pedal Provides a Clean Boost with 2 Band EQ Lightweight, Compact Pedal True Bypass Footswitch

    € 75.00
  • € 72.00 In Stock

    Key FeaturesMooer Audio Cruncher Distortion Pedal High Gain, Powerful Mid-Frequency Lightweight, Compact Pedal True Bypass Footswitch

    € 72.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items