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    The Roland CUBE-10GX Guitar Amplifier is ideal for beginners or anyone looking for an affordable, versatile and compact practice amp.  ✓ Customise Via Free Cube Kit App  ✓ Compact 10w Guitar Amp  ✓ Three Preset Amp Types  ✓ Onboard Effects  ✓ Rec Out/Phones Jack, Aux In

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    High quality electric guitars for everyone. That is Aria’s credo over 60 years of its history. STG-Series guitar really stand for it, with simple but rich specs at marvellous value. Your sound is already there!

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    The Medeli AP30B is a 40 watt Electric Drum Monitor Amplifier that certainly packs a punch !  ✓ Portable Electric Drum Monitor  ✓ Powerful Sound  ✓ Dedicated Digital Drums Personal Monitor  ✓ Multi-function Inputs 

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    Are you in one instance on the road with your acoustic guitar and the other with your electric? Then this guitar stand from Boston is the one for you!  ✓ Stand Holds Both Acoustic & Electric  ✓ East To Use guitar stand ✓ Semi-Foldable  ✓ Sturdy gripped feet 

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    Part of the Solid Top Artist Series, Salvador Cortez brings us the CC-22. This classical guitar offers uncompromised sound quality at an incredible price.  ✓ Sapele Body Creates Both Rich Sound and Looks  ✓ Solid Cedar Top Delivers a Well Balanced, Warm Sound  ✓ Perfect For The Intermediate to Advanced Player  ✓ Incredible Craftsmanship At a Great Price 

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    This electro classical guitar has a solid Spruce top, ORTEGA electronics/tuner, slim neck and comes with a strap and gig-bag.  ✓ Solid Spruce Top  ✓ Slim Neck  ✓ ORTEGA MagusPro-NL with in-built tuner  ✓ Includes Strap & Gigbag 

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    The CC-10 Classical Guitar is part of the student series by Salvador Cortez. This guitar is made with top quality materials according to traditional Spanish methods.  ✓ Sapele body creates both rich sound and looks  ✓ Excellent tonal balance  ✓ Perfect for young players, or the female guitarist too.  ✓ Incredible craftsmanship at a great price 

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    Experiment with the GE-7 Equalizer Guitar Pedal and give your sound a unique twist, or as a simple way to boost your sound during solos.  ✓ Compact 7-Band EQ Offers the Ultimate Control  ✓ Boost/Cut Each Band up to +/-15dB  ✓ Adjustable Frequencies Ranging From 100Hz to 6.4kHz  ✓ Perfect ''Boost'' Pedal for Solos or Creating Alternative sounds  ✓Ideal for...

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    Barnes & Mullins have outdone themselves with the beautifully designed BMUK9 tenor ukulele.  ✓ Fantastic Sound At a Great Price  ✓ Spalt Maple Produces Incredible Bright Sound  ✓ Satin Finish Adds To This Ukuleles Style  ✓ Fitted With Aquila Strings For Optimum Performance

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    A modern take on tradition, D Soprano Whistle suitable for all ages and abilities. The TONY DIXON DX001 Whistle is the most popular model in this series.   ✓ Straight bore non-tuneable whistle gives nice warm woody tone  ✓ Polymer body and ABS head  ✓ Perfect for a learner making first steps

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